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Egg free Vegan Mayo – B-well

by Sharné

B-well have a range of dairy free, egg free, vegan mayo products that are simply delicious.

vegan mayo

B-well vegan mayo

B-well’s egg free, canola oil, mayo is a healthier alternative to regular mayo, without compromising the taste.  To make their egg-free mayo, B-well substitutes the eggs with a vegetable protein, so their mayo is 100% animal product free, and therefore (yay) completely vegan. And, because the B-well mayo is low in salt and saturated fat, they are the first, and only, mayo in the country to be endorsed by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of SA. 

B-well have four egg free vegan mayo products, three of which that I buy and use often. They are truly amazing – I have at least one of them in my fridge at any time. The Original Tangy mayo tastes exactly like ‘normal’ mayo so it is perfect for a potato salad, whereas the Thick & Creamy one doesn’t have that tang, making it perfect for any dish to which you want to add a creamy element. I have even used it in a vegan chicken mayo recipe here. The Olive and Canola option is similar to the original tangy, but has a subtle olive oil flavour. I have not tried the Reduced Oil version yet. If anyone else has, please let me know in a comment below. 

We’re taking small steps towards making a big change in the food industry. We want to do things differently, we believe that everyone should be able to eat delicious food that’s healthier, more affordable and better for the environment.


Other B-well products

B-well also have a cool range of oils, as well as a vegan sandwich spread, that I would love to use and post about in the future. I have used their wok oil in a recipe here. They really are a great company, that produce locally farmed, healthy products. Although the B-well‘s products are amazing, I wish that they would switch from plastic packaging to glass. What do you think? 

Where to buy?

B-well products are available at most Pick n PayFood Lovers Market, and Spar stores nationwide. You can also buy it at The Kind Kitchen at 252 Albert Rd, WoodstockWoodstock. Their mayos are available in the standard 740ml tub as well as the mini 370ml tub. 

If you’d like to see more of the food products I have found, have a look here. Finally, look at my directory for a list of all the awesome vegan products I have found locally.

vegan chicken mayo recipe

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