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try vegan this Veganuary

by Sharné

If you are curious about the vegan lifestyle, why not take the 31-day Veganuary pledge this January!



The non-profit Veganuary started in 2014, and ever since it has inspired people globally to try the vegan lifestyle for the month of January, or even permanently. Veganuary has also inspired stores, restaurants and brands all over the world to launch vegan products during January, and then throughout the year! This has greatly helped the vegan lifestyle become more accessible.

If you are interested in taking the pledge, you can sign up on the Veganuary website (click here) where they provide you with easy meal plans, recipes, as well as helpful tips.

Why go vegan?

People tend to gravitate towards the vegan lifestyle for one or more of the following reasons: ethical, environmental, and/or health. Whatever the reason, the fact that more and more people from all over the world are trying this lifesyle is amazing! 

No single food choice has a farther-reaching and more profoundly positive impact on our health, the environment, and all of life on Earth than choosing vegan.

Alternative Baking Company

I share all the aspects of my green vegan lifestyle here on my blog, which I created 2 years ago, so I could catalog green vegan products I have found, recipes I have created, and more, with the hopes to make the vegan lifestyle more accessible to others. If you are interested in my green vegan journey then be sure to head on over to my about page to read about it. Alternatively, If you would like some info about my green vegan lifestyle and the products I use, please take some time and browse through my blog. I have a section where I post recipes I’ve created, or you could browse through the food and drinks section. Alternatively, you could head on over to the body & beauty OR home & garden to see what products I personally use on myself and at home.


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