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reusable pantyliner from My own Cup^

by Sharné

I use to generate quite a lot of waste at THAT time of the month. I’m now so proud to be able to have a zero-waste period every month.

reusable pantyliner

Why make the switch to a reusable pantyliner?

Between a women’s first period and her last, which is estimated to be about 40 years, she will use between 5 and 15 000 single-use sanitary products, if she is in the privileged position to have access to them and can afford to use them.

It’s been 20 years since my first period, and for 19 of those years, I think I used about 3000 single-use tampons, which all ended up in a landfill and is still there. For about 8 years I used organic cotton tampons as they were the most environmentally friendly option I knew of at the time.

Last year I made the switch to a  reusable menstrual cup, which means I’m able to prevent another 3000 tampons ending up in a landfill. Have a look at my post about it here.

reusable pantyliner

Reusable Pantyliner

If you don’t use tampons and use pads, there are reusable pads and panty liners available if you want to make the switch!

This is My Own Cup’s reusable, machine washable, panty liner! It’s made with absorbent cotton and printed with non-toxic ink. It has a cute cactus print on one side and is black on the other! I’ve tested it out and it’s so comfortable that I forget I was wearing it! As someone who uses a reusable menstrual cup, the pantyliner is perfect for the days at the end of my menstrual cycle when I have light spotting and don’t want to use the cup.

Where to buy?

My Own Cup have an online store, and they have quite a few stockists, including Wellness Warehouse. Be sure to click the stockist link above to see a full list of their stockists.

If you use a reusable pantyliner, let me know what you love about it most, in a comment below! If you’d like to see more of the body & beauty products I have found, have a look here. If you’d like to see what home & garden products I have found browse my have a look here.  New products posted regularly.

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