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Reusable glass jars – Consol

by Sharné
happy earth people

I’m on a mission to reduce my plastic use, and consequently have fallen in love with the many, many uses of glass jars.

happy earth people

Why switch to glass?

Firstly, we all know plastic containers are super convenient, but it’s important to note that they are harmful to us, and to the environment. My green vegan journey (read about it here) has led me to gradually move towards a plastic container free kitchen. 

I do have a lot of plastic containers, which are in perfect condition and seal really well. As far as possible, all food containers I buy in future will be glass. I especially love re-using used glass jars, that originally held store-bought products. They can be used in many different ways, to store all sorts of things – I even use them as a glass for my smoothies. 

the best things come in a glass


Glass has so many benefits, and here are some that I know of: Firstly, they are infinitely recyclable. They are free of BPA, and other harmful synthetic chemicals. Glass preserves taste, and keeps things fresh. Lastly, they have a longer shelf life than most other forms of food packaging. 

Where to buy Consol re-usable glass jars?

First prize would be to reuse glass jars instead of recycling them. And you can buy Consol jars directly from a Consol Shop, or at places like Merrypak, Makro, Faithful To Nature and Yuppichef. Likewise, you can usually buy them from most Plastic Stores – ironic isn’t it?

Do you use re-usable glass jars? Do you have any other suggestions on how I can reduce my plastic waste? Please send me a comment below.  If you’d like to see more of the home & garden products I have found, have a look here. If you’d like to see what body & beauty products I have found, have a look here.  New products posted regularly.

It’s good, it’s in a glass

happy earth people

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