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sprouting kit – bakgat pottery

by Sharné

Have you ever sprouted beans, seeds and grains? I’ve been wanting to try it! Why? Sprouting is a great way to unlock and increase nutrients and makes seeds, nuts and grains more digestible. Sprouting only takes a few days and you can sprout year round right at home!


Many sprouted seeds can be eaten raw and from what I’ve read sprouted grains and beans are most often eaten cooked. Sprouts can be added into salads, soups, dips, stir-frys and even breads.

There are many ways to sprout and you can choose between using a jar, a tray, a fabric bag, or by using a sprouting kit. And once you have experimented with sprouting you can also try growing peashoots and other microgreens, which I’m also wanting to try.

My boyfriend bought me this Braeside ceramic bean sprouter and I’m excited to start sprouting. It’s made by a local company called Bakgat Pottery. Have a look on their website (contact page) to see their Western Cape stockists.


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