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vegan pomegranate smoothie recipe

by Sharné

This, pretty in pink, vegan pomegranate smoothie recipe, is made up of dairy free milk, pomegranate seeds, an orange and lastly, a frozen banana.

pomegranate smoothie

The weather is warming up, so it’s definitely time to use my Nutribullet to whip up some vegan smoothies. Most of the time my smoothies are an experiment as they consist of what I currently have in the kitchen. I had some pomegranates, oranges and banana in the fridge so I used them to make this vegan pomegranate smoothie.

Vegan pomegranate smoothie

All the vegan pomegranate smoothie ingredients (see recipe below) are added to my Nutribullet, which I let blend together, until I’m happy with the consistency. I sometimes wait up to a minute as I want to blend everything really well so that my smoothie is lump-free. Freezing the banana beforehand is important, as it makes the smoothie thicker and creamier.

If you like your smoothie to be a sort of slushy, you can add a handful of ice in at the end. Similarly, ice also helps if you did not add any frozen fruit. Alternatively, you could freeze leftover juice or dairy free milk in an ice tray for next time.

My smoothies are always served in a glass jar and I add one of my reusable straws. This one is a straight smoothie glass straw from Stream Straws (see post here)

pomegranate smoothie


pomegranate smoothie

And that is how easy it is to make a vegan pomegranate smoothie. What is your favourite smoothie to make, or to buy? Do you have a reusable straw? Let me know in the comments below. If you’d like to see similar recipes feel free to head on over to my smoothie recipe page. And have a look at my vegan breakfast recipe page to see vegan smoothie bowl recipes. New recipes posted regularly.   Finally, look at my directory for a list of all the awesome vegan products I have found locally.

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