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LastSwab, a Reusable Earbud from LastObject

by Sharné

This reusable earbud, called LastSwab, is the latest addition to the #zerowaste bathroom products I use. 


Why make the switch to LastSwab?

Before finding the LastSwab reusable earbud, I used to use single-use, biodegradable earbuds that I would compost after use. In this post, I talk about why making the switch from plastic stem earbuds to cotton + bamboo earbuds was so important. My ever-evolving zero waste journey is ultimately about reducing my waste, so when I found LastSwab I was so excited to no longer be generating earbud waste.

This is a major zero waste swop when you consider that I used to use single-use cotton + bamboo earbuds daily, so this single reusable swab will replace 1000’s of earbuds within its lifetime.


About LastObject

LastOjects is a company based in Denmark that was founded by a 29-year-old designer, Isabel Aagaard, who is on a mission to replace single-use items, with products designed to be reused hundreds if not thousands of times. LastSwab has been tested to withhold up to 1000 uses, which means I could comfortably use my LastSwab earbud once a day for almost 3 years, and maybe even more.

LastObjects also make a beauty version of their classic Lastswab, which is a Q-tip version you can use for makeup. They also make a LastTissue and LastRound (reusable cotton round).

Where to buy LastSwab?

Here in South Africa, I bought this LastSwab from The Zero Shop‘s online shop. 💚

What is the LastSwab it made of?

The swab ends are TPE, the rod is plastic, and the case is PLA which is made of corn and is biodegradable. Cleaning the swab is easy, all you need to do is use soap and water!


What earbuds are you using? What other ways are you reducing your waste? Let me know in a comment below. If you’d like to see more of the body & beauty products I have found, have a look here. If you’d like to see what home & garden products I have found have a look here.  New products posted regularly.

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