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Vegan Goods Market in Constantia

by Sharné
vegan goods market

The Vegan Goods Market will only be held at The Source in Constantia for a few more times before moving to a new spot. I wanted to do a farewell post because of all the locations that the VGM has been held at so far, this one is by far my favourite! I just love being able to sit on the grass surrounded by trees and fellow vegans! It’s become my happy place and I’ll sure miss it but I look forward to seeing where the VGM will move to next!

Vegan Goods Market

The Vegan Goods Market is a must-attend for anyone that is interested in seeing what the vegan lifestyle is all about! The VGM is always packed with small businesses selling all sorts of amazing vegan goods: food, sweets, desserts, fresh produce, freshly baked bread, home products, body products, and more. I tend to avoid the plastic packaged items and gravitate towards the packaging-free and paper & glass packaged items.

Whenever I plan to go to the market, I take along a reusable knife, fork, spoon, straw, some food containers, a coffee cup, a bottle, some shopping bags, and also produce bags as I have often bought packaging-free fresh fruit, veg, and bread. I also often buy something to eat and drink there, which I ask them to put in my reusable container and cup/mug. I then find a spot on the grass with my husband and we enjoy our meal.

The reason I take more than one food container is so that if I wanted to buy some more food items to take home, I can do that without packaging. Most of the time though I buy some sort of delicious vegan baked good to take home, and most of the time it gets eaten the same day. I always end up carting two or three reusable shopping bags full of vegan goodies to the car and love being able to buy a wide variety of things from small businesses that most often make the items themselves. 

If you have not been to the Vegan Goods Market in Constantia yet then I highly recommend you go before they move locations.

When & Where?

The next market is Sunday the 13th of December at 11 Townsend Avenue, Constantia. Entry is free, and you can enter the market from Kendal Road where you drive through the gate and park on the field. The market is pet friendly and before you go please don’t forget to take your reusables with you! 

If you have been to the VGM Market, please tell me all about it in a comment below. To see what other markets and festivals I have been to, have a look here. And click here, and here to see some delicious vegan treats I have found at the VGM. Alternatively, browse my blog to see other vegan items I have found. I have created various categories like body & beauty, food & drink, home & garden & more.

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