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The Conscious Co-Op – Simon’s Town

by Sharné

There’s a brand new zero waste store in Simon’s Town called The Conscious Co-op that combines organic produce and package free foods with vintage clothing & homeware!

The Conscious Co-Op

Conscious Consumerism

One of the first things we can do to help the environment is to become conscious of our everyday purchases and the impact they have on us, the animals, the environment and our local economy.

Ask the questions. What is it made of? Is it harmful to my health and the environment? Where animals harmed in the making? Where did it come from and who actually made it? How long will I use it? Do I really need it or do I have something similar already? Am I just buying it because it is on special?Did it come in unnecessary packaging? Can it be reused or recycled or can it biodegrade? What will happen to it if I throw it away? 

Being aware positively impacts our behaviour and leads us to become conscious consumers! We start to seek out ways to make a positive change and use our buying power for good! Kind of like a superhero, don’t you think?

As a conscious consumer I aim to buy locally made, natural, chemical free, environmentally friendly, vegan, reusable products that are free from unnecessary packaging. Places like The Conscious Co-Op offer all the things I look for in a local store.

The Conscious Co-Op

The Conscious Co-Op

The Conscious Co-Op is the sister store of The Daily Goods Store in Muizenberg (see post here) They have an amazing variety of products to help their customers live a more conscious lifestyle. You can shop for organic fruit and veg, packaging free dry goods, fresh breads, earth friendly cleaning products, zero waste lifestyle products and even buy fresh flowers! Their vintage clothing and homeware section is such a lovely addition and really does make it a one stop shop.

I brought along my own reusable bags and glass jars but they do also sell empty glass bottles and jars in case you forget yours or need more.

The Conscious Co-Op

Where are they?

You can find The Conscious Co-Op at 92 St George’s Street in Simon’s Town. If you are coming from Kalk Bay they are located on the right, next to Think Coffee where you can grab a vegan coffee, and there is ample parking in the street.
Have you been to The Conscious Co_op? What is your favourite thing about zero waste shops? Let me know in a comment below. To see what other zero waste shops I have found, have a look here. If you’d like to see green and vegan products I have found browse my Directory. Alternatively, If you are looking for some vegan recipe inspiration, have a look here
The Conscious Co-Op
The Conscious Co-Op

Let’s get social!

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