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by Sharné

Last night I attended another Conscious Cooking Master Class and was blown away yet again.

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Storm Rodger

For most of her life, Storm has had health issues related to consuming certain kinds of foods. After getting her chef qualification she met a nutritionist who introduced her to the many health benefits of nourishing foods. Storm went on to study Nutrition and gained experience as a professional chef. She then merged her passion for nutrition, with her skill with food and became a well-known health food chef.

Not only does she provide her services as a nutritional lifestyle couch as well as a restaurant health food consultant but she also offers her services as a private chef. Storm wanted to spread awareness even further and with the help of her life & business partner Jess, the Conscious Cooking Master Class was born. Dylan and Nick make up the rest of the Conscious Cooking team.

Conscious Cooking

To me, Conscious Cooking is a deep awareness of how the food we choose to eat, impacts our bodies, our health, all beings as well as the environment. Storm’s conscious cooking class focusses on the effects food has on our health, with emphasis on the nutritional and healing elements of the recipes she has created.   

Storm demonstrates mouthwatering, easy to make at home, gourmet recipes that are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, wheat-free, and plant-based!  The cost is R750 per person, which includes a step by step demonstration of each recipe, as well as a full sit down meal of all the delicious plant-based recipes created. You also receive a detailed recipe booklet of all the recipes taught in the class! The classes are small and intimate, only 10 seats per class.

At last night’s class, held at Homage 1862 in Loop Street, Storm demonstrated 3 dishes all of which were truly amazing. For starters, she showed us how to make golden falafel balls with beetroot and pomegranate hummus. The main dish was chickpea tortillas filled with Mexican beans, a vegan cheese sauce, and cultured vegan sour cream. And lastly, for dessert, we were shown how to make a delicious fudgy vegan brownie cookie ice cream sandwich. I can’t wait to make them all at home.

Storm has the amazing ability to create gorgeous, delicious and healthy dishes that you’d think would be difficult to make but isn’t. She demonstrates how to create each dish in such an informative way that you don’t feel intimidated but rather leave the class feeling inspired and eager to try them yourself. I would recommend her class to anyone with a passion for delicious healthy food. I will be sure to attend more of her classes in the future. If you would like to attend a class, be sure to follow Conscious Cooking on Instagram and Facebook for more details.

What would you like to learn at a Conscious Cooking Master Class? Have you attended one before? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below. If you end up attending a Conscious Cooking Master Class, please tag me and let me know how it was. 

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cooking class

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