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Coco Cat Natural Cat Litter ^

by Sharné

Coco Cat recently gifted me 2 boxes of their all natural litter to try out.

Why use natural litter?

Did you know that synthetic litter contains harsh chemicals that is not only harmful to the environment, but also to your family including your feline kids. Natural litter on the other hand is environmentally friendly, free from harsh chemicals, compostable, biodegradable and safe for your family.

Coco Cat litter is made from coconut husk, a renewable resource which is very absorbent, great for odour control and can be composted.

My Experience

I love that Coco Cat litter is compostable, all natural and locally made. The product itself is lightweight and comes in a recyclable cardboard box. The litter is super soft on the kitty’s paws and they just loved using it. Compared to the natural litters on the market the price is not bad, and a box lasts about 1 and a half weeks with 3 cats.

There is one down side though, it is extremely messy. Because it is basically a fine powder, it ends up everywhere around the litter box. It does not track very far though, but the bathroom where the litter box is kept, what quite messy. I basically got into the habit of dusting the bathroom every day. Even though I had to clean more than usual, I would still highly recommend Coco Cat litter to someone looking for an all natural alternative.

Where to buy?

Coco Cat is available from Shop Zero, who have a physical store as well as Nude foods.

Are you using a natural litter? Have you tried Coco Cat? Let me know in the comments below.

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