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diy christmas crackers *

by Sharné
diy christmas cracker

I recently attended a few Christmas workshops presented by Food Lover’s Market and was inspired to DIY this year’s table decoration. I used items I already have to decorate the table and instead of buying Christmas crackers filled with items my guests and I probably don’t need or want, I decided to make my own and use them as both a gift and decor.

* This post is a paid sponsorship with Food Lover’s Market. Opinions expressed here are my own.

diy christmas cracker

What you will need:

1. Paper. You can use any paper you already have at home. I used brown paper that was used to protect items in one of the deliveries I received. I always keep these, so I can reuse them for future gifts I’ll be giving.

2. Toilet paper rolls. I keep toilet paper rolls as they have so many uses.

3. String. A few years ago I bought a big roll of red and white cotton string and have been using it every Christmas. I also love jute string, as it is also biodegradable.

4. Cracker Snaps. You can buy these at Merrypak

You can fill these with whatever you want. I took some dried fruit and nuts I bought packaging-free at FLM and wrapped them in some leftover paper and put them inside the crackers.

Here are some other ideas: diy paper crowns, seeds (herbs etc), chocolates, small items like lip balms or mini bottles of gin, notes, jokes, challenges etc.

diy christmas cracker

Let me know if you have some other ideas for fillings. I’d love to hear from you in a comment below.  If you’d like to see more DIY’s have a look here. Alternatively, If you are looking for some vegan recipe inspiration, have a look here

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diy christmas cracker

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