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vegan sun milk from Pure Beginnings

by Sharné

I use Pure Beginnings SPF 50+ Sensitive Milk Vegan Sunscreen and it is amazing!

vegan sunscreen

Now that summer is approaching, and we are spending more time outdoors, it’s definitely time to get some vegan sunscreen.

Sun exposure: Good or Bad?

We all know we should be protecting our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you have fair skin like me, chances are having a tanned skin is desirable, but in truth tanned skin is actually damaged skin. When I was a kid I knew this lady who was very close to my mothers age but looked so many years older because she had spent a lifetime in the sun.  I realised even back then that my skin is worth protecting. It was such a strong realisation that I have tried to reduce my skin to sun exposure since then.

I’m walking on sunshine

Katrina & The Waves

The trouble is that like everyone else on the planet I need a little sun exposure for vitamin D production, which as we all know is really important. The only other sources of vit D is derived from animal sources and of course that is not an option for a vegan so the sun it is. Apparently 10 – 30 minutes, three times per week is enough. I don’t want to overdo it as too much exposure to the sun’s rays drastically increase the risk of skin cancer, especially melanomas, which are the most dangerous types of skin cancer. 

To get enough Vitamin D I need to expose about a third of my skin to the sun, so wearing a strappy top, jean shorts, hat and sunglasses is perfect. In order to protect my skin while in the sun I need to get into the habit of wearing sunscreen, which I need to put on before I go out in the sun. Sound easy enough. Well, most sunscreens on the shelves are not vegan. They either contain animal-derived ingredients or are created by brands who test on animals. And many sunscreens on the market contain oxybenzone, a harmful synthetic chemical which is not only harmful to us but also toxic to coral and contributes to the decline of coral reefs around the world. You go to the beach to appreciate nature, not harm it and you put on sunscreen to protect your skin, not harm it.

 I got that sunshine in my pocket 

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Vegan sunscreen

That is why I was so happy to discover the Pure Beginnings SPF 50+ Sensitive Milk Vegan Sunscreen. I love Pure Beginnings because all their products are 100% natural, free from harmful chemicals, Ecocert approved, Vegan and BWC approved. Their vegan sunscreen protects from both the UVB and UVA rays and is water resistant. Oh, and it is actually for babies and kids. I’m an adult. Does it really matter? 

Where to buy?

Pure Beginnings products are available at stores like Wellness Warehouse, + Dischem and online on Faithful to Nature + The Bespoke Artichoke. Have a look at the Stockists page on their website to see which stores in your area stock them. 

Have you tried any of the Pure Beginnings products? Which vegan sunscreen to do use? Please let me know in the comments below.  If you’d like to see more of the body & beauty products I have found, have a look here. If you’d like to see what home & garden products I have found have a look here.  New products posted regularly.

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