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Little aloe artwork from curb beach plastic

by Sharné

Now that we can go back to the beach I thought I’d show you this little aloe artwork I bought from Curb Beach Plastic. It’s made from plastic waste found on our local beaches.

curb beach plastic

Curb Beach Plastic

Curb Beach Plastic artworks are made by Janet Ormond in her home in Kommetjie. Janet is an artist and the owner of the small business Bokke and Blomme.

All the Curb Beach Plastic art is handmade by Janet, using plastic pieces she collected from beaches in South Africa. At home Janet cleans and sorts the plastic by colour. She creates all sorts of amazing artworks by taking tiny individual pieces of plastic and arranging them in clever ways to make flowers, birds, and other shapes. I admire her creative and patience.

Janet started creating these artworks, as a way to ubring awareness about plastic pollution and the harm it is causing to the ocean!

Plastic ocean pollution

According to Surfers against Sewage it is estimated that approximately 8 million pieces of plastic enters the oceans every single day, two thirds of which comes from land, from us! Plastic ocean pollution is killing 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds every year.

The truly horrible thing about plastic is that it can’t biodegrade but instead it breaks down into smaller pieces over time, which means that these plastic pieces can’t easily be removed from the ocean and these pieces are easily ingested by marine animals, and ultimately us!

Plastic ocean pollution is such a major worldwide issue and even though cleaning up any plastic we find polluting our environment is a great thing to do and I highly recommend it, it is not the best way to help.

To help the fight against plastic pollution each and every one of us must reduce our plastic use. I’m a strong believer that every small change helps, and each individual can make a different but if we ever want to end plastic ocean pollution, we must demand change.

Large corporations must take responsibility for their single use plastic packaging! We as consumers have all the power. For the last few years I have personally boycotted buying any products from the corporations that have been named the worlds worst plastic polluters by Break Free From Plastic. There are 10 corporations on the list, and Coca Cola, Pepsico and Nestlé have been the top three, 3 years in a row.

curb beach plastic

Where to buy?

I bought this little aloe artwork at the Constantia Gift Fair but you can buy one of Janet’s pieces from the Bokke & Blomme stand at the V&A Watershed as well as from the Curb Beach Plastic online shop.

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