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vegan marshmallows from sweegan

by Sharné

Psst. You can have vegan marshmallows and eat them too! Delicious soft and they can also be bought covered in chocolate!



Sweegan was started by Terri who is vegan herself and wanted to create sweets that vegans could enjoy whilst knowing they are not contributing towards animal cruelty. Terri makes marshmallows, “sweetie pies”, cookie dough bites, and more.

the ingredients and the packaging

The sweetie pies are made with white & pink marshmallows covered in dark chocolate. They also come in white chocolate. You can buy these in 100g compostable bio-plastic packaging or spend a little more to buy it in a 300g reusable glass jar.  If you bring your jar back to be refilled, then you get R20 off.

where to buy?

I bought these at the Vegan Goods Market, but you can buy it online on the Sweegan shop on Buy Organic. Alternatively send Terri a DM on Instagram, or send her an email, to place your order.

Have you tried the Sweegan marshmallows? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below. If you’d like to see more vegan sweets I have found, have a look here. If you’d like to see other food & drink products I have found have a look here.  New products posted regularly.

let’s get social!

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