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Reusable glass straw – stream straws

by Sharné

A movement to ban disposable plastic straws, and switch to reusable straws, is sweeping over the entire world.  I went on a green journey, and found an amazing reusable glass straw made by Stream Straw.

reusable glass straw

Time to say goodbye to the plastic straw

You might be wondering how important it could be to switch to reusable straws, or other biodegradable options. Single-use plastic, including plastic straws, is a major worldwide issue that is continuously polluting our oceans and harming marine life. Read more regarding the truth about plastic, in my ‘Reusable Fruit and Veg Bags’ post here.

There is no such thing as ‘away‘. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere

Annie Leonard
reusable glass straw
vegan coffee smoothie recipe
in a glass jar with a Stream Straws smoothie straight straw

switch to a reusable glass straw

I’ve been using my envirosax reusable shopping bags for years and recently switched to using Freshbag’s reusable fruit and veggie bags.  It was only natural for my green vegan journey to evolve to include reusable straws.

Earlier this year, I started researching the available reusable straw product options, and found Stream Straws. They’re a local company who hand make durable, reusable, borosilicate glass straws which come with a lifetime guarantee against breakage by regular use. 

Our mission is simple; to reduce the amount of plastic straws used daily across the globe and to replace them with a reusable, eco-friendly alternative.


Stream Straws are currently being served at The Wellness Warehouse Cafe’s, Plant cafe, and many more restaurants and cafe’s. If these straws can survive repeated use in a cafe, then in my opinion, they are worth it. I purchased my straw and sleeve combo, which includes a Smoothie Straight Straw, a Protective Hemp Sleeve, and a Cleaning Brush. The brush is an awesome addition, as they would otherwise be impossible to clean!

reusable glass straw
vegan  pomegranate smoothie
in a glass jar with a Stream Straws smoothie straight straw

Where to buy

You can buy reusable glass straw’s from Stream Straws via their website, at Organic Living, Wellness Warehouse, and online at Faithful to Nature. Have a look at their stockists page for a more detailed list. 

Do you have a reusable glass straw? Do you have any other ways that I can reduce my plastic waste? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below. If you’d like to see more of the green vegan lifestyle products I have found, have a look here. And to see what else I have found browse my Directory.  New products posted regularly.

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