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Delicious Vegan Burger – The Courtyard Cafe

by Sharné

The Courtyard Café in Kalk Bay recently updated their menu to include even more vegan options. I tried their new vegan burger and have to say it is one of, if not the best vegan burger I have ever had! 

courtyard café

My vegan mom and I recently spent a Sunday afternoon in Kalk Bay. We browsed the shops, bought plants (#plantaddicts) and afterward, I suggested we stop at The Courtyard Café for lunch. I had been there before and had the pleasure in meeting the chef who told me a little about the new vegan items that they were going to add to the menu. 

If you haven’t been, The Courtyard Café is literally in a courtyard which you enter from the ground floor between the Artvark gallery and The Kalk Bay theatre on Main Road. They are open from Monday to Sunday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm. Look out for the A-frame café sign that is usually along the Road.

The café has both outside and inside areas, and if you want a view of the Main road and the ocean then I would suggest you grab a table in the outdoor seating area that is right above the entrance to the café. Inside there is a cozy seating arrangement which is the perfect place to read a book, have a vegan date ball and sip a vegan coffee made with their very own almond milk (if they have any left).

What makes the new menu so great is that there are multiple vegan options for breakfast and lunch as well as for dessert. After each ordering, a G&T, and browsing the menu, both my mom and I wanted to try the vegan burger and was completely blown away! Have you ever had such a great meal that you literally mmmm… with every bite? Well, this is one of those meals.

courtyard café

The burger consists of a homemade vegan patty made with lentils, barley & mushroom; which is topped with rocket, tomato, pickled red onions, homemade vegan mayo, and the most delicious homemade vegan pesto. Served in a vegan roll, with potato crisps on the side together with a warm tomato relish, which I want to buy in bulk and eat every day for the rest of my life!  The combination of flavours is truly amazing. I will definitely be back to try it again. And I definitely want to try the vegan omelette, vegan french toast, vegan falafel pita, and every other vegan item I have not tried yet. The chef is a vegan genius and the café is now my new favourite spot in Kalk Bay!

Have you been to The Courtyard Café? What is your favourite vegan dish? I’d love to hear from you in a comment below! If you’d like to see more places where I have eaten, have a look here. New eating out spots posted regularly. And be sure to look at my directory for a list of all the awesome green & vegan products I have found locally as well as the local markets I love.

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courtyard café
courtyard café

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