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cat bowls from soenchie

by Sharné

I love my three adopted feline fur babies, Coco, Mimi & Lulu; and as their mom, I love to spoil them so, I got them new locally-made water and food bowls from Soenchie!


About Soenchie

Soenchie is an amazing Cape Town-based ceramic studio run by Zelda, who makes the most beautiful water and food bowls for your feline and canine kids! I ordered a custom lower version of the classic white bowl for their water and 3 kitty ear bowls for their food. Zelda has two types of kitty ear bowls, so I asked her via Instagram to make these for me in white, and I asked that the water bowl be lower so that my kitties could comfortably drink water without having to reach over a high rim. Each kitty ear bowl has it’s own unique shape as they are hand made, and I love that they are each unique, just like my girls who love using them. Thank You Zelda! I donated their old food bowls to Tears Animal Rescue so other kitties can use them.

Where to buy?

I custom ordered these Soenchie bowls via Instagram but Soenchie bowls are also available on their online shop, as well as from Fabricate, Mash Boutique, Jimnojean and Back’s.

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