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vegan cannabis ice cream from Lis

by Sharné

Ever since I went vegan I’ve been looking for creamy and delicious chocolate and vanilla flavoured ice creams and I’ve found them! They happen to be infused with CBD.

About Lis

Lis is a small Cape Town business. They have created CBD infused plant-based ice creams that are kind to the earth, the animals and your body! They use 8mg of CBD that is perfect to use day and/or night, that you don’t even taste. Their ice cream ingredients are locally sourced and they have some ice cream flavours that have some unexpected ingredients.

Liss flavours

Lis make familiar flavours like this deep choc and vanilla coconut as well as choc mint. They also have some exotic flavours like dose of rose, river of paradise and rumi that contain spices like saffron and tumeric to name a few.

I’ve tried all their flavours and have to say that the deep choc is my absolute favorite and the vanilla coconut is next on the list.

The ingredients & the packaging

The Deep Choc is made with 80% dark chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut milk/cream, cane sugar, soy lecithin infused with 8mg of CBD oil. The Vanilla Coconut is made with Madagascan Vanilla, cane sugar, Coconut Milk/Cream, vegetable starch which is infused with 8mg of CBD.

The Lis ice creams are packaged in paper tubs and each flavour has a different colour branding.

Where to buy?

I buy Lis ice cream directly from their online shop and you can also buy online or in store at Lekker Vegan.

To see more of the ice cream I have found, have a look here. If you’d like to see what food & drinks I have found have a look here. New products posted regularly.

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