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Vegetable glue written by Susan Chandler & illustrated by Elena Odriozola

by Sharné

“When my right arm fell off, I knew what to do. I stuck it back on, with vegetable glue.” Vegetable glue is a very cute children’s story with a message about the importance of eating vegetables.

The book

In this story vegetable glue, which is what you get when you eat your veggies, literally keeps the pieces of your body stuck together. 😜 I found this board book at a second hand book shop called The Book Shoppe in Tokai. The book was published by Meadowside Children’s book and was printed in China.

The illustrations are beautiful and the story is fun and quirky. It is meant for toddlers but I really enjoyed it so much when I read it in the shop that I had to buy it. Maybe one day I’ll get to read it to my future kids.

When my head rolled away, I thought it had gone, But I found it again, And stuck it back on.

Vegetable Glue

The Author & The illustrator

Vegetable Glue is written by Susan Chandler, a children’s book writer from The UK. The beautiful illustrations in the book was created by Elena Odriozola, a Spanish illustrator of children’s books.

Where to buy?

You should be able to order this book from your local book store. Just give them the book title and the ISBN no. and ask them to order it for you. (ISBN 978-1-84539-299-4). If you struggle with the title try this alternative title instead: What I do with vegetable glue.

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