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Basil & Chilli Pesto – Pesto Princess ^

by Sharné

A NEW, dairy-free, vegan Basil & Chilli Pesto has been launched by Pesto Princess. It’s really delicious! You have to try it.

For starters, as you probably already know, I love the Pesto Princess dairy-free vegan pesto’s. So much so, that I’ve used their pesto’s in many of my recipes – have a look here, and here, for example.

Basil & Chilli Pesto

I was very lucky to receive a Royal Delivery from Pesto Princess recently,  containing some of their NEW basil & chilli pesto, along with some vegan crackers. I tested it on the crackers and loved it immediately. This scrumptious combination of basil and chilli is perfect as a dip, on a pizza, in a salad, on a sandwich, or in a pasta. I can’t wait to use it in one of my upcoming recipes. Watch this space!

The ingredients

The basil & chilli pesto is made with vegetable oil (canola or sunflower seed), fresh basil (30%), onions, cashew nuts, water, chillies (3%) salt, ascorbic acid, fresh garlic, fresh ginger and citric acid.

Other Pesto Princess products

Here is a list of the dairy-free vegan pesto options, that I know of:

  • Coriander & chilli pesto
  • Sundried tomato pesto
  • Basil and lemon pesto
  • Red pepper pesto
  • Olive pesto

They also have a dairy-free harissa paste, chermoula paste, and a chimichurri sauce. I used the Pesto Princess dairy-free Harissa Paste in a spicy vegan wrap recipe.

And if you love soup, they also have an amazing range of vegan soups which I posted about here.

Where to buy

The Pesto Princess pesto products are available at CheckersPick n Pay and Spar, to name a few. For a detailed list, have a look on their website. Remember to look out for the black dairy-free circle on the front of the jar.

Try out the NEW Pesto Princess basil & chilli pesto. Let me know if you like it? I really love feedback. Let me know in the comments below. Lastly, look at my directory for a list of all the awesome vegan products I have found locally.

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