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vegan lentil spaghetti recipe

by Sharné

I made a vegan lentil spaghetti using lentils, tomatoes, onions, peas, coconut milk, spices and vegan Gouda cheese from Nature & Moi.

lentil spaghetti

I often get asks what I, as a Vegan eat, and i usually say, what ever you eat I can eat Vegan. Vegans can eat pastas, pizza’s, burgers and ice cream. The ingredients are just different. Before going vegan in 2011, I loved spaghetti. So once I was vegan I started “veganising” my favourite meals. One of the ways I like to make a vegan spaghetti is by using lentils as my base and adding Nature & Moi vegan cheese. 

vegan lentil spaghetti

For this vegan lentil spaghetti, I used lentils from a can,  a can of tomato and onion mix, frozen peas, tomato paste, a can of coconut milk, some vegan Ina Paarman garlic & herb spice, together with Nature & Moi Gouda cheese. Have a look at my vegan cheese post here, to see what other vegan cheese flavours Nature & Moi offers.


lentil spaghetti
read more about the Nature & Moi cheese here

And that’s how you make a vegan lentil spaghetti. What is your favourite vegan spaghetti to make? Have you tried the Nature & Moi cheese? On the other hand, if you’d like to see similar recipes, feel free to head on over to my main course recipe page. New recipes posted regularly. Finally, look at my directory for a list of all the awesome vegan products I have found locally.

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