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Your complete vegan pregnancy by Dr. Reed Mangels

by Sharné

If you are new to veganism, and thinking about getting pregnant then this book is for you!

About the author

Dr. Reed Mangels is a registered dietitian with a doctorate degree in nutrition. She is one of the leading experts of vegan nutrition in the world, and specialises in vegan nutrition for children. She is vegan herself, and has raised both her daughters vegan, who are now all grown up and still vegan.

Dr. Reed Mangels is the Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Nutrition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is also a free-lance writer and speaker. Since the 1980’s she has been a Nutrition Advisor for the The Vegetarian Resource Group and the Nutrition Editor for the Vegetarian Journal.

She is the author and/or co-author of numerous papers and books about veganism, including the American Dietetic Association’s position paper on vegan and vegetarian diets, Vegan & Vegetarian FAQ (2001), The Dietitian’s Guide to Vegetarian Diets (2004), The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book (2011) and this book.

About the book

Your Complete Vegan Pregnancy (ISBN 978-1-5072-1019-2) was first published in 2019 by Simon & Schuster Inc. The book starts of with some info about the vegan diet, vegan foods, vegan nutrients, health benefits and discusses the various reasons people go vegan. It also covers all the different aspects of getting ready for your vegan pregnancy, and even includes a section about talking to your healthcare provider about your vegan diet.

Part 2 is all about what to eat for a healthy pregnancy and includes info about protein, zinc, iron, Vitamin B, Folic Acid, DHA and Iodine. Part 3 is all about the vegan lifestyle and includes a vegan food guide for pregnancy, menu planning advice, vegan shopping and ingredients, and foods to avoid. The last chapter in Part 3 is all about living vegan while pregnant and includes concerned family members and non-vegan partners.

Part 4 covers each trimester of a vegan pregnancy including labour and delivery. There’s even a birth plan checklist at the back of the book. The final Part of the book has 50+ vegan recipes you can use before, during and after pregnancy.

If you have been vegan for a while and do a lot of research about vegan pregnancy then you might already know a lot of the info in this book. I still think this is a great resource for vegans who’d like to pregnant as well as vegans who are already pregnant.

Where to buy?

You can buy the kindle (paperless) version of this book on Amazon or get a physical copy from your local bookstore. If they don’t have it, give them the title or ISBN number 978-1-5072-1019-2 and ask them to order it for you.

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