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Absolute zero nectar from Van Loveren

by Sharné

To be honest, even though the alcohol ban has been lifted I’m still enjoying drinking non-alcoholic wines like this vegan-friendly absolute zero nectar from Van Loveren.

^ This product was gifted to me. Opinions expressed here are my own

absolute zero

I truly enjoy the taste of this wine, I love the bubbles, and the fact that it feels like I’m having a celebratory drink. I can drink this vegan-friendly wine anywhere (at a friends place or on the beach) and I can have a glass or two or three without having to worry about drinking too much.

Isn’t all wine vegan?

Many people assume (I did once too) that all wine is vegan as it is made from grapes. What people don’t know is that many wineries still use animal ingredients (casein, egg whites, gelatin, fish bladder protein, etc.) during the winemaking process, in order to make the wine clear and bright. Luckily for us Vegans, there are wineries like Van Loveren, which use vegan-friendly alternatives instead, which do not alter the taste of the wine.

Absolute Zero Nectar

Van Loveren has been making wine since 1937. Absolute Zero Nectar is a de-alcoholised 100% Sauvignon Blanc sweet sparkling wine that is vegan friendly, low in kilojoules and calories, and has 0,0% alcohol.

Nutritional information (per 100 ml): Energy 58 kJ Carbs 3.2 g Total sugar 3.2 g

Absolute Zero Nectar is sold in a 750ml recyclable clear glass bottle with a compostable cork lid that is sealed with recyclable foil. If you like the Absolute Zero Nectar, you should also try the Absolute Zero (green bottle)

absolute zero

Where to buy?

You can buy Absolute Zero at selected Spars, Makro as well as on the Van Loveren online store.

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