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Happy World Vegan Day!

by Sharné
world vegan day

Today is World Vegan Day; a day that celebrates the global vegan movement and the vegan lifestyle. If you are thinking about going vegan, or are a new vegan, you are part of this positive change that is happening!

world vegan day

ordinary people doing good

Vegans are just ordinary people trying to do the best they can. We are not perfect and we are not all the same. But what we all have in common, is that we don’t want to contribute to animal exploitation and cruelty, in any way. Many vegans are green vegans like me, who also care about the impact we have on the environment.

I went vegan 9 years ago, and it was the best decision I have ever made! I honestly wish I had done it sooner! Every day I choose kindness towards animals and the environment, through the food I eat, the products I buy and the companies I support.

“No single food choice has a farther-reaching and more profoundly positive impact on our health, the environment, and all of life on Earth than choosing vegan.“

– @alternativebakingco

I share all the aspects of my green vegan lifestyle here on my blog, which I created 2 years ago, so I could catalog green vegan products I have found, recipes I have created, and more, with the hopes to make the vegan lifestyle more accessible to others. If you are interested in my green vegan journey then be sure to head on over to my about page to read about it. Alternatively, If you would like some info about my green vegan lifestyle and the products I use, please take some time and browse through my blog. I have a section where I post recipes I’ve created, or you could browse through the food and drinks section. Alternatively, you could head on over to the body & beauty OR home & garden to see what products I personally use on myself and at home.

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