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basil & lemon vegan pesto – pesto princess

by Sharné

I am crazy about this dairy free basil and lemon vegan pesto from Pesto Princess!!!! Yup it is vegan, and whats even better is that it’s not their only vegan flavour.

vegan pesto

finding a vegan pesto

Firstly, as a vegan, ingredient checking is second nature. I’m always taking products of the shelf, turning it around and reading through the sometimes very long list of ingredients. Most of the time i sigh, and put the product back, as it either contains some or other animal product, honey or palm fruit oil. (Read more about what I eat and don’t eat here.)

Then, one day i spotted the dairy free sign on one of the pesto princess bottles and turned it around, and to my surprise the pesto was vegan. Finally, a vegan pesto without pecorino cheese. I was so excited because up until then every pesto I had looked at had contained pecorino. 

So since then, I have used the basil and lemon pesto in various recipes ranging from brushetta to pasta.

vegan pesto
I made a quick and easy broccoli pasta recipe using the Pesto Princess dairy free basil & lemon pesto.

More from Pesto Princess

To my surprise, Pesto Princess have quite a few dairy free vegan pesto products. I buy them quite often as they are delicious and most other pesto’s on the market contain cheese. I have tried most of their dairy free vegan pesto flavour and they are all amazing. You just have to try them! Remember to look out for the black dairy free circle on the front of the jar. I add them to my sandwiches, pasta dishes, wraps and even add some on my vegan pizza.

Here is a list of their dairy free vegan pesto options:

  • Coriander & chilli pesto
  • Sun dried tomato pesto
  • Basil and lemon pesto
  • Red pepper pesto
  • Olive pesto

They also have a dairy free harissa paste, chermoula paste and a chimichurri sauce. I used the Pesto Princess dairy free Harissa Paste in a spicy vegan wrap recipe.

And if you love soup, they also have an amazing range of Vegan soups which I posted about here.

vegan pesto
I made a quick and easy bruschetta recipe using the pesto princess basil and lemon pesto

Where to buy?

The Pesto Princess pesto’s are available at CheckersPick n Pay and Spar, to name a few. For a detailed list, have a look on their website.

Have you tried a Pesto Princess vegan pesto? Did you like them? I really love feedback. Let me know in the comments below. Lastly, look at my directory for a list of all the awesome vegan products I have found locally.

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