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Beauty without Cruelty

by Sharné

Simply saying something is cruelty free (not tested on animals), does not make it so. I’m on a mission to get local brands to become Beauty Without Cruelty (BWC) accredited and I need your help!

The stop motion animated short, Save Ralph, has created world wide awareness about cosmetic animal testing which is still legal in many countries including here in SA.

In order to ensure products have not been tested on animals, companies needs to be audited. Here in South Africa, the Beauty Without Cruelty bunny, on the label of a local product is the only way to make sure that the product really is cruelty free.

Who is Beauty Without Cruelty?

Beauty Without Cruelty is an animal rights organisastion in South Africa, that has audited and endorsed 120+ local brands that sell personal care, cosmetics and household cleaners. These brands have proven their humane status according to a strict set of criteria. BWC list all of the accredited brands in a humane guide on their website. The BWC auditing process is a public service, and is 100% free, so there is no reason for a company to not get audited!

How does the BWC audit work?

As I understand it, when doing an audit, Beauty Without Cruelty checks that all the products created by a company has not been tested on animals, that none of the products use any ingredients that has been tested on animals, and that the company itself is not owned by a parent company that tests on animals.

As of April 2018 in order for a company to be BWC accredited, all their products must be 100% plant based. This means that all the products must be free from animal ingredients or animal by-products. Companies that got their BWC accreditation prior to 2018, are still allowed to use the BWC bunny on their products.

Are the products you use BWC approved?

Since January I have been assessing all the products I use, because I only want to buy products from vegan brands that only sell plant based products, and who don’t profit from animal cruelty in any way. And as part my checklist I want to make sure that those products are cruelty free (not tested on animals). Most of the products I use is BWC accredited but two of the brands I am currently using have submitted their documentation to BWC and are awaiting their approval. I will be posting about all the BWC approved vegan products I use, and the amazing brands that make them.

If I find a local vegan brand that states they are cruelty free, I immediately ask them if they are BWC approved. If they are not, I urge them to do so. Please help me, by talking to local brands about why it’s important to be BWC accredited. As consumers we have the power to demand change, and I for one, demand that brands prove they really are cruelty free!

World Day for Animals In Laboratories

April 24 is World Day for Animals In Laboratories and BWC is putting together a video montage of photographs of South Africans who are against animal testing. The plan is to send it to parliament to encourage them to ban cosmetic animal testing (notice 497 of 2020)

BWC has already submitted a memorandum supported by welfare organisations and social groups, along with a 5000+ strong hand signed petitions, but each and every additional voice helps!!!!

In order to take part, head on over to their website, and print or recreate one of the two posters, and take a selfie with it. Use the hashtags #letsdothistogether #makeadifference #choosecompassion #stopcosmeticstesting #leavethemalone post it on social media (be sure to tag Beauty Without Cruelty) OR send it to toni@bwcsa.co.za

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