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upcycled plastic baubles from Woolworths

by Sharné

These Woolworths christmas baubles are locally made from plastic bottles and are the perfect addition to my zero waste christmas.


the power of upcycling plastic

When you rescue 13 000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill and ask a local small business, Essay Gifts, that uses township-based suppliers, to hand make 1000’s of reusable christmas baubles, thats a win in my books. I’m on a mission to not buy any more mass produced christmas decor, so when I spotted these at Woolworths I fell in love. Making something beautiful from waste that is reusbable and hand made ticks all the boxes for me, so I happily invested in a few. 

where to buy?

You can buy the recycled plastic baubles directly from the Woolworths online shop or at selected Woolworth stores. There are 3 designs and they are currently on sale.

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