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recycled plastic pegs from Increda-peg

by Sharné

These pegs are from recycled plastic by a local company called Increda-peg. Not only are they strong and durable, but they can also be used in many different ways, not just on the washing line!


Recycled plastic products

Currently, all over the world, most plastics sent for recycling does not actually get recycled! If we want the plastic to be recycled them we need to invest in items made of recycled plastic!  Sure we should be trying to stop the demand for single-use plastic altogether but I’m specifically referring to all the used single-use plastic items that are already here and are currently polluting our environment! Those items should be recycled and made into new products!

From what I’ve read, it seems that often the price for virgin plastic is cheaper than recycled plastic so to keep costs down companies are buying virgin plastic to make their products. We need to increase the demand for products made from recycled plastic in order for virgin plastic to be used less. Plastic is after all made from materials found in nature (mostly oil and natural gas) and we now know that these materials are non-renewable resources so we should be using them sparingly!!!

about Increda-peg

Increda-peg is a small local family-owned business. Brett Potgieter, his wife Margie, and their son Tyne run the business. The Increda-peg was created by Brett. The Increda-peg is designed to be used in various ways, and it is made from 100% recycled plastic! This really is a great product, as I have recently started using the Increda-peg in interesting ways, one example is using it as a connection between my bra straps, so I could wear a top that usually exposes my straps. 🙂

My boyfriend bought these at a market while on a work trip in Johannesburg. The pegs (60 units) were packed in single-use plastic. 🙁 I really love that the Increda-peg is a multi-use reusable product made from recycled plastic. I just find it strange (and sad) that it is then packaged in single-use plastic, instead of a reusable fabric bag which you can hang on the line while putting up laundry. Increda-peg PLEASE consider changing to reusable packaging or at the very least to paper packaging.

Where to buy?

The Increda-peg is available online on their website, as well as at markets in Johannesburg and in KZN. Be sure to have a look at their facebook and Instagram to see where they sell their products. If you do decide to buy some, please ask that they consider changing the packaging. We as consumers have the power to insist on positive change.

What do you think of this product? Let me know in a comment below. If you’d like to see what home & garden products I have found have a look here.  Or if you’d like to see more of the laundry products I have found, have a look here. New products posted regularly.

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